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Lisa M. Berman ART Agency
are proud to represent the work of
Xanath Lammoglia & Andres Amaya:
ONE Day OPEN Studio event-
Sunday, Sept. 23rd, 11am-2pm

Amaya Studio Mexico City
Cuahtemoc 168, Del Carmen, 04100,
Ciudad de Mexico
(52 55) 5658-6985

“The Picasso of Fashion Illustration”

There’s much allure to the masterful illustrative work by ANTONIO LOPEZ and the award winning documentary about his colorful life 1970: Sex, Fashion & Disco by James Crump models it. My roots are in fashion: my family, education and career began in fashion, so it was a natural fit to curate an exhibition about Antonio’s industry changing contributions and the raw awakening he presented for the rest. The show will include: original drawings, signed posters, large lithographs, related works and photographs of his favorite models, subjects and happenings. Expect an array of eclectic fashion, amazing jewelry, ephemera and contemporary surprises.

– A Celebration of Women

  • Women of Wonder
  • Women of Words
  • Women of Steel
  • Women of Wheat
  • Women of Battle
  • Women of Heart
  • Women of Moxie
  • Women of Sound
  • Women of the World – UNITE
  • Women of Cloth

Past Exhibitions

Robert Lee Morris
– The Power of Jewelry

The exhibition will include a 3-part presentation: a retrospective of his 30 years of impressive design, including many museum and private collection pieces rarely seen before (Torpedo Quill, Helix and Zeta collections – from the 70’s and the famous Cannoli belt). The second portion will include one of a kind sculptures (Sails), as well as vintage and contemporary and jewelry works – even a few new creations, made expressly for this exhibition!

Studio Denmark

Lisbeth Nordskov
Lone Buhl Villaume

Jan Mandel

As an emerging contemporary metalsmith in the United States, I have found myself increasingly challenged by those who feel a narrative is essential to the integrity of the work. Although I do believe that influence is important, how it impacts the finished creation, and the resulting artistic statement, need not be paramount or overwhelming to the viewer or wearer. It is important however, that my work stand on its own as decorative body adornment. The resulting creations will hopefully allow one to not only see, but feel the sculpted contours, and their historic references.