Call for Collars: “Feel the FRILL” – The Ginsburg Gauntlet 2020-10-31T18:01:11+00:00

Sculpture to Wear Gallery:
“Feel the FRILL”
The Ginsburg Gauntlet* Exhibition

Exhibition: Nov. 3rd – Dec. 3rd, 2020. Accepted pieces will be on view for sale as early as Oct. 20th

Submission Phase 1 Deadline: November 2, 2020
Submission Phase 2 Deadline: November 15, 2020

Sculpture To Wear Gallery has a 21-year history of curating and hosting poignant, cutting-edge exhibitions by award-winning International artists. In keeping with this tradition, we are seeking edge dwellers, truth-seekers, and history makers to participate in a timely exhibition honoring Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who “changed minds and made change happen”.  The primarily on-line exhibition will feature wearable art collars similar to those worn by the Notorious RBG herself to challenge, “throw down the gauntlet”, evoke opinion, dissent, or non-verbal expression ushering a distinct message, often against the establishment. The honorable Justice Ginsburg’s Jabots “had a language of their own” that transitioned into “Collars of Dissent”, wearing each one with a deliberate “call to action” for Equality and Justice. Due to the paramount importance of continuing her message and the response we’ve received already, we are opening up the floor to include traditional art as well: paintings, sculpture, photographs, quilts, textiles, etc. honoring the remarkable achievements of the Great Equalizer.

The show will be curated by Lisa M. Berman of Sculpture To Wear Gallery and additionally, judged by Human Rights Activist – Jayne Herring and Berta Montoya – CFO of U.S. Lifestyle Group. We are adding judges to fill a final count of 8, keeping the last 9th seat for RBG. Accepted works will be shown on the Sculpture to Wear Gallery website for sale, the first group by Oct. 20th. One of a kind works are requested, however, limited editions of up to 10 in a series will be considered. Work must be signed. Special Thanks to our media sponsor U.S. Lifestyle Magazine and CEO & Founder Uriel Saenz.

Sculpture To Wear International Contemporary Art Jewelry is the quintessential link between the artist and collector. The work we represent is conceived from visionary imagination, evolved through the creative artistic process, and solidified into the indelible from the cultivated craftsmanship. It is part of the Berman Arts Agency group. To learn more, visit: http://www.sculpturetowear.com/

Submitting artists are asked to provide 2-4 images of up to three (3) pieces per submission fee, as well as the artist’s social media links and a resume suitable for online publication (WITHOUT private contact information).

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