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“There’s Tiffany and Cartier and then, there’s SCULPTURE TO WEAR”

– WHERE Magazine

“Adornment can exercise a profound influence on our bodies. It can reflect in our posture and body contour, as well as our movements, effectively causing a transformation in how we feel about ourselves, and how we are perceived by others. My creative statement is one that not only complements the physical body, but also allows for the interaction of the object with the wearer through transformation of the actual piece of adornment. I engage the wearer in the repositioning of various components, which transform the object, creating new designs to suit their need or mood of the moment.”

– Jan Mandel

EYE Jewellery at Cannes – by Sculpture to Wear Gallery

The setting: Cannes Film Festival 2021- nothing to alert the media, There’s plenty of Eye Candy on the red carpet here, just another handsome man looking exceedingly dashing walks the crimson aisle in a well appointed tuxedo. Wait! Something is different! This look is different, a show stopper or at least cause for a pause. What’s this amazing artwork placed upon his face?  A sculptural spectacle?  Stopping red carpet traffic at Cannes is a feat in itself – well done Yury!

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Artiststar Jewelry

SCULPTURE TO WEAR is honored to be the official West Coast Representative of the Robert Lee Morris Archives

Lisa M. Berman of SCULPTURE TO WEAR is honored to be the First Brand Ambassador in the United States on behalf of Artiststar Jewels.