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Lady Godiva – A Powerful Woman of Dissent

Lisa M. Berman

The first time I laid eyes upon the glorious horse, a sculpture, Lux Maximus, by Daniel Oropeza, I envisioned a photograph that was legendary and timeless with a contemporary twist. Capturing an image of Lady Godiva atop of a award-winning artwork was a bit irreverent, scandalous, and controversial to begin with, and when I started to research the true meaning of the legend, that’s when the ride really began. All too familiar with the tongue-in-cheek Halloween Costume with the long blonde wig and leggy nude who usually, just by default, earns the top prize, I thought there has be more to this cult fiction. Upon researching the legend who hailed from Coventry, England almost a thousand years ago, the famous ride was actually a personal stand, an unconventional “dissenting” of her husband’s decision to tax the citizens. Exhausted by her tenacity on behalf of the people, her wealthy husband, the Governor of the region, responded with a dare: “if my wife were to ride through the town, nude on horseback, I will cease the taxes”. True to his word, she did and he stopped the taxation. Adding to the layering almost 300 tears later, it was said that Lady Godiva’s proclamation for the citizens to stay indoors and close their windows during her ride was followed by all, save one. Thomas, the local Tailor did not obey, peered through the shutters and was blinded. And thus, we come to know the origin of “Peeping Tom”. Read More…