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Robert Lee Morris

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Jewelry On Offer

Artist: Robert Lee Morris
Gallery: Sculpture To Wear
Contact: Lisa M. Berman
Retail: US$6,500

One of the most iconic statements of big, bold gold—a look that drives a brand. In celebration of Pebbles: individually hand-sculpted wax carvings both convex and concave (hollow) like a historical worry stone. “The clusters of soft stones were a look that Donna Karan loved and pushed me to develop for her 1987 fall collection,” says Robert Lee Morris. This is the original, one-of-a-kind, archival piece used to develop the limited-edition series. A copy of the book The Power of Jewelry, signed by Morris, is included with purchase. (The necklace is photographed on a body cast from ARTWEAR gallery, also available, for US$800 [gold US$850]. The single Large Pebble cluster earring in the photo is not included in the price. Other complementary earrings are available for purchase from Sculpture to Wear gallery.)

Artist: Robert Lee Morris
Gallery: Sculpture to Wear
Contact: Lisa M. Berman
Retail: US$12,000 SOLD

This sterling silver triple row necklace was created for the Fall 2009 runway show for Donna Karan. It’s the only necklace from the show that is still available. The powerful visual punch was the perfect element of luxury that the rich fabrics and styling of the collection needed. Its creator, Robert Lee Morris, states, “Throughout history, the arts have always depended on the patronage of the collector—having a new a steward of my work is always appreciated, and having one who will ensure my original designs remain part of our culture is truly a gift. I was more than thrilled to achieve the patronage of serious art collectors who recognized the value of my wearable art in my gallery, Artwear, and now, as I enter my golden years, I find enormous gratitude to know the value of my rare archival pieces, some 40 to 50 years old, have increased in value and are appreciated as I dreamed they would be. This inspires me to create even more.”