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“I have worked with Lisa M. Berman for over 25 years in the field of art management, art sales, and exhibition curation. Lisa has a long history and demonstrates success in building and cultivating a collector audience for her various projects. This ability is well supported by an in-depth knowledge of how the art world (and of course studio jewelry) works and an extensive national network of connections to major players. 

Lisa possesses an indefatigable drive and self-starter attitude. Once she sets her sights on something – it gets done. Also, Lisa is not shy. Her positive energy and stylish presence draw people to her. She knows how to command an audience. Lisa also knows how to promote and work with media on a national and international basis.”

– John Lemieux Rose, AJF Board Member & Marketing Director 



“Lisa M. Berman knows how to promote and can package and sell in a way the creators can not. People are skeptical spending money to market things -they have to understand, it’s not just selling.  You’re paying for the value of an expert who has credibility and KNOWS exactly what she is doing.”

       Betsey Potter – Governor of the Television Academy, EMMY Award Costume Designer

“Lisa is simply the best! I can always count on her to select the most interesting pieces, We’ve been faithful clients of Sculpture To Wear for over 20 years!”

       Marc Hankin, Attorney


“I have worked with numerous art dealers, art consultants, curators and agents throughout my 30 year career. Lisa M. Berman is one of the most knowledgeable, experienced, diligent, professional and talent art strategists I have had the pleasure to work with. Lisa’s enthusiasm, skill and expertise to assist and connect clients with unique and exceptional art is unparalleled.”

       Craig French – Sculptor of more than 40 International Public artworks

“Lisa is passionate, hard working, trustworthy, savvy and a very fun person to be around. Count yourself lucky if you are so fortunate to work with Lisa M. Berman!”

       Sheinina Lolita Raj – Founder of award winning INTERCULTURAL &only Artist selected to represent U.S. at the United Nations 75th Anniversary


“Every collaboration with Lisa results in magic. Her unique curatorial style with her unmatched collection from Sculpture To Wear creates unexpected results and changes the way you view wearable art. Lisa is by far one of America’s hidden gems of the artworld. She is often my secret weapon when creating a look or building strategic business alliances.”

       Uriel Saenz – US Lifestyle Group CEO. Publisher & Fashion Designer, Microsoft Wearable Tech


“Lisa is passionate about her artists and the place of jewelry in the world of art. She is our hope for the future of Art Jewelry”,  

       Helen Drutt – Founder of Helen Druttt Gallery / Smithsonian Museum Advisory Council


“When completely focused on her outcome, Lisa M. Berman is literally UNSTOPABLE”. 

       Michael Levine, Celebrity Publicist / Author


“Lisa M. Berman is the consummate professional. She takes her broad based creativity and melds it with her extensive experience and with her “street” savvy. She is perfectly suited to lead a team and effectively completes projects. Also, she has great character and integrity. I trust her implicitly.

       Tommy Kemp – Strategic Business Consultant, Political Strategist

“In addition to being an incredible connector, Lisa is a true specialist in the full meaning of the word. When you talk to Lisa you immediately realize that your universe just got bigger with insightful opportunities, creative inspiration, or all of the above”. 

       Daniel Lir – Award Winning Dream Team Film Director / Producer