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XANATH LAMMOGLIA – Born in Mexico City, Xanath danced professionally as a ballet dancer with “Ballet de Cámara Concertante” for 5 years. Wanting to have a closer relationship to the fashion world, she earned a degree in fashion design and then studied accessory design in Milan. Xanath states “Accessories have always been cult objects. They are a person’s strength and identity’s reflection, and getting closer to people’s energy through designing is a challenge I love to face”. She founded BalaStudio with Andres Amaya in 2000. xanathlammoglia.com

ANDRES AMAYA – Born in Mexico City, Andres grew up in the world of plastics. Trained as an industrial designer, his work “surpasses the mere design of utilitarian objects by approaching erotic, religious and political topics in a subtle and gentle way with a distinctive humorous touch, nonetheless giving his productions an equally sharp and profound result”. Amaya’s sculpture, erotic furniture and Art is intended as a catalyst for interaction with, ON and because it invites both talk and touch. andresamaya.com.mx

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