May 15-17, 2018
A partnership between the Fashion Institute of Technology
and Politecnico di Milano

The Fashion Institure of Technology, Politecnico di Milano and Sculpture to Wear is pleased to announce that Lisa M. Berman will be a featured speaker at the Jewelry in the 21st Century International Symposium. Join us for three days of discussion of the seismic shift surrounding jewelry design and manufacturing in recent years. As digital design and model making have speeded up the process, they have proven themselves invaluable as tools of the trade. But every tool, hand-held or digital-leaves its mark. This symposium will provide an arena for debate on how digital technology and making by hand duel for influence in the aesthetics, the use, and the cultural contexts of jewelry as both a manufactured product and as an applied art form.

Lisa M. Berman
Sculpture to Wear
Digital vs. Handmade Studio Jewelry-
How will valuation be affected and measured?

Join Lisa for what is destined to be one of the most provocative and far reaching presentations of the symposium.This topic is at the heart of the profound changes affecting the jewelry industry in the 21st Century.



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