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Current Exhibitions

Contrary to the Ordinary” – Show Extended through August 6th!

The Ginsburg Gauntlet* Exhibition
Still Available to Purchase

Sculpture To Wear Gallery has a 21-year history of curating and hosting poignant, cutting-edge exhibitions by award-winning international artists. In keeping with this tradition, we are seeking edge-dwellers, truth-seekers and history-makers to participate in a timely exhibition honoring Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who “changed minds and made change happen.” One-of-a-kind works are requested, however limited editions up to 10 in a series will be considered. We are opening up the floor to include other art media as well: painting, sculpture. Photographs, textiles, honoring the achievements of the Great Equalizer. Read More

From the Curator: An Unreasonable Exhibition
Lisa M. Berman

I almost gave up on this exhibition before I started, but then my signature character of being “unreasonable” set in. Being unreasonable has a myriad of connotations for people based on their perspective (half empty/ half-full), the time in which they grew up (be seen, not heard) and the origin of dictionary on their desk (yes, a bonafied book with pages). Mine stems from an innate inability to give up based upon outside influence of what is acceptable, the norm, or an easy route (in or out). My DNA of medical inventors, technology wireless wizards, glass ceiling-breakers, indelible style-makers and photographers changing the world, has no room for mediocrity…Read More

The show, conceptualized and curated by Lisa M. Berman, Visionary Proprietor of Sculpture To Wear Gallery, hosts an impressive judging panel of 8:


  1. Averie Bishop (Director of The Tulong Foundation; Law Student; Miss Dallas 2020)
  2. Lisa Englander (Principal, Guest Experience and Retail Division, Racine Art Museum)
  3. Amy V. Grimm (Independent Curator; Professor of Art History)
  4. Jayne Herring (Founder of Art for Dignity; Advocate for Social Justice and the Arts)
  5. Neha Husein (Founder & CEO of Just Drive; Human Rights Entrepreneur)
  6. Berta Montoya (Chief Financial Officer, The US Lifestyle Group LLC)
  7. Dawn Neufeld (Attorney, Activist for Autism, Television Personality)
  8. Isabela Varela (Eco-Fashion Environmentalist & Designer, Film maker)

The 9th seat will be kept empty in honor of RBG.

With gratitude to Bruce Pepich Director of the Racine Art Museum, for being our Honorary Chair.

Special thanks to our media sponsor US Lifestyle Group & CEO Uriel Saenz.

Big thank you to Racine Art Museum for your support of the exhibition!


If you have questions about or would like to purchase any of the pieces in the exhibition, please contact:
Lisa M. Berman (310) 403-0531 or lisa@sculpturetowear.com

Voting will continue through the SNAG conference, June 26th

Francisca Henneman

Rucante SOLD

The collar had to emphasize the status of the wearer. The expensive collars were worn by the wealthy and were popular with both men and women. This one has the stature of grandeur but is made of industrial rubber recycle, simple down to earth. Time for equality. Ivory white industrial rubber recycle. Folded and put together with white cord. H. 6cm, w. 34cm, d. 34cm, 6cm thick. *Note: This piece can’t stand the ultraviolet of the sun, do not place this in the sun.

Francisca Henneman


This collar symbolizes being straight forward and yet punctually accurate. The law says it. Grey Industrial Rubber recycle. Crocheted with black thread. H. 3,5 cm, w. 12 cm, length 50 cm

Francisca Henneman


Black and White are equal. The black dress complimented with the white collar is in the Supreme Court the common dresscode. And RBG wore it with dignity and authenticity. Francisca makes her statements with industrial silicone recycle. The contrast between the high end and the low end disappeared. The silicone is smooth and soft to bend, you can wear it in different ways. Ivory Industrial Silicone recycled products. Silicone attached with silver rings. H. 5 cm, w. 42 cm, d. 42 cm variable

Marc Cohen

Notorious, (worn by Julia Danielle) – Image A

One of a kind wearable art piece honors the “Collars of Dissent” coined by Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Created especially for this exhibition. The collar features the proprietary “Box Art” of Marc Cohen of NYC, depicting the Dissents by RBG with an emphasis on the ideal of a woman’s right to choose: “The decision whether or not to bear a child is central to a woman’s life, to her well being and dignity. It is a decision she must make for herself. When government controls that decision for her, she’s being treated less than a fully adult human, responsible for her own choices.”
Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Marc Cohen

Notorious Collar – Image B

Marc Cohen, Notorious RBG, 2020, Wearable art collar (12″ x 12″ with a 6″ square opening for the neck) presented in a framed box (18″ x 18″) that hangs on the wall. Materials: Multiple Acrylic box frames with photographic images, with signature “Box Art” small figurine, all mounted on leather, magnet fastener. Frame, wood with hand-embroidered pearls in the shape of a contemporary “collar” Photo by artist.

Marc Cohen

Notorious – RBG Small & Mighty

Box Art: wearable art brooch 2’ x 2” x 1”D featuring RBG which can be removed from the Frame 6’ x 6’ x 2”D. Magnetic closure, acrylic box, paper, wood frame with foam. Limited edition of 25.

Nancy Jacobson

I Dissent SOLD

These ceramic collars represent my admiration and gratitude to RBG. The three collars reflect different aspects of RBG’s legacy. A spiked lace collar that shows her willingness to disagree, A soft lacy collar that shows her respect for collegiality and a collar of her image that shows her impact on us. These pieces were created specially for this exhibition.

Robert Lee Morris

The Dissent Lace Necklace

This gold plated brass, one of a kind collar was made for the Donna Karen Spring Show in 1992. The “metal lace” is an ideal submission for the RBG Collar of Dissent Exhibition.


Emancipation Collar

Pennies symbolize many things. They are the fundamental building block, the common denominator, the most basic unit, and embody the equality of American society. They are ubiquitous, taken for granted, an omen of good luck and currency for your innermost thoughts. The diameter of the necklace is 12.5″.

Adriana Del Duca

176 pearls

This necklace is part of the Kinetic Paper projects where I experiment a new language throw the study of sections, transparency, movement, empty and full spaces and optic effects. Pressed cardboard, silicon, magnets. Vitrifying treatment. This piece is 18″ in diameter.

Adriana Del Duca

Sea Hedgehog Skeleton

This collar is made of, Transparent Grey Plexiglass and Agatha stones and is 18″ in diameter. Necklace from the Transparencia research series.

Adriana Del Duca


Necklace from the Transparencia research series. Transparent Plexiglass and Steel, one of a kind. The piece is 16″ in diameter. “My mother told me to be a lady. And for her, that meant be your own person, be independent”.- Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Lonna Keller


Garbage bags, plastic zip ties – 25″ X 20″

Lonna Keller

Elegant Massage

Sterling, 14k gold, freshwater pearls – 18″ x 8″

Lonna Keller


Rubber, stainless steel – 25″ x 20″

Lonna Keller

Lace 1

Sterling, fine silver, hematite – 22″ x 9″

Lonna Keller


Garbage bags, plastic zip ties – 20″ x 20″

Lonna Keller


Rubber, fine silver – 48″x 18″

Lonna Keller


Rubber cord, nylon lined rubber, stainless steel – 60″ x 18″

Lonna Keller


Rubber, fine silver – 28″ x 15″

Lonna Keller


Sterling silver, fine silver, hematite – 36″ x 16″

Linda Rettich

Brown, Ochre, and Beige Reversible Collar

The collar is off-loom bead-woven in size 15 seed beads using the ndebele stitch and then gathered. It’s outer diameter is 9″.

Linda Rettich

Black, White, Blue, and Orange Reversible Collar

This collar (pictured below) is based on a smaller version created for Ruth Bader Ginsburg, as part of her personal collection. The collar is off-loom bead-woven in size 15 seed beads using the ndebele stitch and then gathered.  Diameter is 16″.

This collar was gifted to RBG in 2019.

Linda Rettich

Brown, Ochre, Orange, and Blue Reversible Collar

The collar is off-loom bead-woven in size 15 seed beads using the ndebele stitch and then gathered. It’s outer diameter is 9″.

Sheinina Lolita Raj

Beyond Self

“Beyond Self” is wearable art that is inspired by Ruth Bader Ginsberg and her iconic style. Made of lace trimmed by leather with 4 portraits from the “Intercultural art collection“ Israeli Woman, Indian Woman, Mexican Woman and Japanese woman printed on canvas and made into brooches. The signature quote from RBG is embroidered onto leather, “If you want to be a true professional you will do something beyond your self to heal the tears of your community”. 10″ x 8″

Greg Orloff

Ice Collar

Collectible Crystal and stainless steel and sheer brilliance. To honor the icy stare, not quite a glare of the Notorious RBG. The use of leaded crystal and depression glass from decorative serving platters and drinking glasses is an exploration of the material within jewelry, specifically in this context a COLLAR. This work is focused on bringing new light and remembrance to the history/purpose that these objects once contained. Restoring values of yesteryear with hope, determination, and clarity.

 Gabriella Di XX Miglia


16″ x 20″, Oil on board

Lisbeth Nordskov

Flowing with Dissent

Necklace. Rubber, nylon, gold and happy beans. 40 X 50 cm

Lisbeth Nordskov

Justice for All

Necklace. Rubber, nylon, gold and happy beans. 40 X 50 cm

Lisbeth Nordskov

Rubber Body Cape

Rubber, nylon, and happy beans.

Swinda Reichelt

Endless Loops of Opportunities (ELOO) Series

Red/ Burgundy – 14 Double Loops, 3” Horse hair braided weave-polyester.

Swinda Reichelt

Endless Loops of Opportunities (ELOO) Series

White – 20 Double Loops, 5: wide Horse hair braided polyester.

Swinda Reichelt

Endless Loops of Opportunities (ELOO) Series

Black – 12 Loops, 3” Horse hair braided polyester.

Jan Rivard

Get To The Point

Length – Approx. 18” with a chain extender to lengthen for fit. Faux turquoise (dyed howlite) spike beads, approx. 2”. Lapis Lazuli triangle beads, approx. 1/2”. Rhinestone Square Rondelle beads, approx. 1/4”. Pave Diamond Lobster Clasp

Teri Brudnak

Justice Collar

Steel and gold are the appropriate materials for this work. Steel for the strength of an incredible woman and gold for her enormous heart. Text relating to her is etched into the steel and pearls represent her love of the arts. This is a piece of spiritual armor that embodies courage and resilence. Steel, sterling silver, 24kt Gold, Pearls. 8″x9″x1 1/2″

Anu Das

Reversible Collar

In making this necklace I was inspired by the stories my sister shared of our mother who died at a young age. Our mother lived in an unequal world but envisioned an equal one for her two daughters and prepared them for the struggle ahead. Tussar silk, canvas, glass beads, fabric paints, metallic threads, lace, silk ribbon, clay, and acrylics; 13” x 8”.

Anna Papparella

Flowery Meadow

Flowery meadow is inspired by brooches present at the Casalmaggiore Bijoux Museum. 15.75″ x 11.81″ x 1.81″.

Anna Papparella

Rough Sea

Carved radiological plates, cotton, lisle thread, rings, glass beads, and trimmings. Techniques: carving, crochet, and sewing. 20.87″  x 3.93″ x 1.81″.

Victoria Lansford

Curves in the Right Places II

Drawing on both ancient and contemporary techniques and designs, this collar illustrates the balance of positive and negative space, symbolic of light and dark matter in the cosmos and that one cannot exist without the other, reflecting the interconnection of humanity. Russian filigree collar, sterling silver, fine silver; 6″ x 6″ x 1″.

Elizabeth Farber



I have adapted techniques from antiquity to hand-weave precious metals and gemstones into one-of-a-kind, shimmering tapestries.  The integration of ancient textile processes with unexpected materials gives my work its unique aesthetic. This hand-woven collar resonates with the subtle colors of the stone slices set in bezels.  Collar, hand-woven and fabricated of tourmaline stones and 18k gold. 17.5″ long and 1.5″ wide.

Elizabeth Farber



The dramatic contrast of the colors and materials in this collar is designed to evoke a passionate response in the viewer. Constantly inspired to explore the use of materials and techniques in unexpected ways, I have hand-woven stone and gold into a soft textile that drapes around the neck. Collar, hand-woven, and hand-fabricated of black spinel, 18k gold and boulder opal. The one of a kind collar is 17 ” long with a 2″ opal pendant.

Elizabeth Farber


In this collar, long ribbons of woven gold beads wrap around the neck, pulling together in the front.  It melds around the neck, retaining its original form, but influenced by the individual contours of the wearer.  Thus, each piece comes alive, moving with a woman’s body, and adapting to her kinetic energy.  Collar, hand-woven of 14k gold, black spinel, and black onyx. 17 ” long 3″ drop.

Rameen Ahmed

Classification: Weapon or Adornment 009

This piece reflects on the ‘place’ in the current history of migration, specifically in Sonora. Surviving this extreme desert has one solitary barometer: water. Water is the predictor of life during this trek. A symbol of that instrument is the gallon water container-that each ‘journey(wo)man’ has to carry/use judiciously. The ‘sealer’ of the container denotes the quenching of thirst-real or metaphysical. This is a talisman for the interlinking cultures on both sides of the border, while invoking human rights with the protective thorns as defensive dissent and the plastic bottle sealers as protection. Materials: found cactus ribs, found plastic, steel washers, fine silver wire & sterling silver. 17″ x 14″ x 13″.

Rameen Ahmed

Classification: Weapon or Adornment 002

My piece tries to invoke the unexpected duality between the harsh ‘weapon’ like exterior of the cactus and the delicate beauty within. I wanted to convey the age-old concept, used throughout history, of transforming  protection and armament into adornment. Materials: cactus rib, freshwater white pearls & sterling silver. 14″ x 8″ x 2.5″

Rameen Ahmed


Cactus spines are an evolutionary adaptation to protect the plant from predators and the harsh desert climate. In a post RBG world, I feel we need similar protection from a hostile environment and need to assert our resistance through sharp, pinpoints of resistance. Steel, found/dessicated cactus thorns, aluminum wire and sterling silver. 12″ x 10″ x 3/4”.

Cynthia Toops

First Generation

As a first generation American, I felt “devalued” by the Trump administration, and wanted to create a piece memorializing the many immigrants that helped make America great. Each tab includes their name, place of origin and profession along with transfer images from my naturalization certificate. Polymer clay, silver and glass tube beads, crimp beads, lamp worked glass, sterling silver, SoftFlex cording.

Susanne Henry

Paperchain Collar SOLD

Paperchain Collar is inspired by the construction paper and tape chains remembered from primary school.Fabricated from steel and finished black, there is a fierce quality to the final piece. It evokes the ornamentation of armor and protection, and conveys the intention of strength along with beauty. Fabricated, Mild steel, 18″L X 2 1/2″.

Nancy Jacobsen

RBG Wine Cups

$110/ pair
These ceramic wine cups feature reliefs of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, along with the words “I Dissent” and patterning that is reminiscent of her collars of dissent.

Eva Van Kempen


This choker celebrates that thanks to contraceptive pills, new life can be a choice, planned and welcomed in stead of overwhelm. Simultaneously, men largely leave contraceptive decision-making over to women, putting the burden of pregnancy prevention onto women. Men’s negotiation of these competing norms reinforces inequality. This choker is for a petite person, and is made of actually used contraceptive pill packs / medical waste materials, hence it is not anywhere near perfect steel, 18″L X 2 1/2″.

Eva Van Kempen

Smartslip Technology

This choker shows the value and beauty of medical materials, while simultaneously questions whether we want healthcare to be a luxury or available to all. This choker is for a petite person, it is made from unused syringe needles that had gone expired. (silver piece is collar clasp) 19.49 inch (49,5 cm) length x 2.36 inch (6 cm) width x 0.59 inch (1,5 cm) height.

Erna Futselaar


This demi-parure consists of three parts, necklace and two cuffs. My challenge is to remain innovative by playing with modern techniques in combination with old handicraft. Parts are cut by laser from paper-thin sheets of porcelain. The lace is self-made on a roll pillow with linen. Ceramics, laser cutting,bobbin lace, porcelain, linen ; each cube about 1 inch/1 inch/1 inch , the cuff each have 8 cubes, the necklace has 21 cubes.

Evgenia Zoidaki

Poppy Flower

Poppy Flower necklace is inspired by Greek mythology and particularly by the Eleusinian Mysteries. The poppy, this delicate flower that signifies the arrival of spring, plays hide and seek in the fields along with other wildflowers. It loses its petals with the first gust of wind, but its beauty does not vanish. The poppy was one of Demeter’s sacred plants, symbolizing the goddess with its parasitic presence in the grain. For me, the engraved silver poppy represents the goddess and the black vinyl represents the rugged road that leads to the discovery of true beauty. Materials: Sterling silver 925 and black vinyl. Technique: Engraving. Diameter of the necklace 12″

Future Exhibitions

“The Picasso of Fashion Illustration”

There’s much allure to the masterful illustrative work by ANTONIO LOPEZ and the award winning documentary about his colorful life 1970: Sex, Fashion & Disco by James Crump models it. My roots are in fashion: my family, education and career began in fashion, so it was a natural fit to curate an exhibition about Antonio’s industry changing contributions and the raw awakening he presented for the rest. The show will include: original drawings, signed posters, large lithographs, related works and photographs of his favorite models, subjects and happenings. Expect an array of eclectic fashion, amazing jewelry, ephemera and contemporary surprises.

– A Celebration of Women

  • Women of Wonder
  • Women of Words
  • Women of Steel
  • Women of Wheat
  • Women of Battle
  • Women of Heart
  • Women of Moxie
  • Women of Sound
  • Women of the World – UNITE
  • Women of Cloth

Past Exhibitions

Robert Lee Morris
– The Power of Jewelry

The exhibition will include a 3-part presentation: a retrospective of his 30 years of impressive design, including many museum and private collection pieces rarely seen before (Torpedo Quill, Helix and Zeta collections – from the 70’s and the famous Cannoli belt). The second portion will include one of a kind sculptures (Sails), as well as vintage and contemporary and jewelry works – even a few new creations, made expressly for this exhibition!

Sculpture To Wear at LEICA Gallery – Dec. 1st

Please join us for a special one day event featuring Artistic Jewelry and Wearable ART, represented by Lisa M. Berman‘s Sculpture To Wear Gallery. Enjoy festive libations and tasty treats while you shop for holiday gifts for family, friends or yourself in this gorgeous 4,000 sq. foot gallery – ICONIC photography by Norman Seeff, hosted by Paris Chong, curator Leica Galleryabove the Leica Store Los Angeles.

Sculpture To Wear FUNd-Raiser for the Laguna Art Museum

The Laguna Art Museum is hosting Sculpture To Wear Gallery for an unprecedented 4 day event, featuring wearable art, jewelry and gifts from International designers and artists: Jeanet Metselaar -Holland (invitation image), Yves Amu Klein-France (3D printed jewelry & sculpture), Kelly Berg- U.S. (hand-painted handbags & shoes), Marc Cohen – U.S. Jacqueline Rudavsky & Ondrej Rudavsky – Slovakia (Grammy award winner), Valerie Jo Coulson – U.S., Lynn Latta – U.S. Ceramics, Statements Accessories and more to be confirmed! Sculpture to Wear is donating more than 50% of our profits to the museum! Owner, Lisa M. Berman (aka Babik), a resident of Laguna since 1974 is excited to have a show in the town where she grew up loving ART! Thanks to our Media Sponsors LocalARTS.com, @The US Lifestyle Group LLC, & Gansevoort Magazine!

Studio Denmark

Lisbeth Nordskov
Lone Buhl Villaume

Jan Mandel

“Sussara” Collection of the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian Museum. Placed by Sculpture To Wear. This one of a kind Tiara is comprised of 8 elegant 18k gold elements that can be worn interchangeably as: Neckpiece, brooch, earrings. “As an emerging contemporary metalsmith in the United States, I have found myself increasingly challenged by those who feel a narrative is essential to the integrity of the work. Although I do believe that influence is important, how it impacts the finished creation, and the resulting artistic statement, need not be paramount or overwhelming to the viewer or wearer. It is important, however, that my work stands on its own as decorative body adornment. The resulting creations will hopefully allow one to not only see, but feel the sculpted contours, and their historic references.”