Current Exhibitions

The Ginsburg Gauntlet* Exhibition

Nov. 3rd – Dec. 3rd, 2020

Sculpture To Wear Gallery has a 21-year history of curating and hosting poignant, cutting-edge exhibitions by award-winning international artists. In keeping with this tradition, we are seeking edge-dwellers, truth-seekers and history-makers to participate in a timely exhibition honoring Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who “changed minds and made change happen.” One-of-a-kind works are requested, however limited editions up to 10 in a series will be considered. We are opening up the floor to include other art media as well: painting, sculpture. Photographs, textiles, honoring the achievements of the Great Equalizer.

The show, conceptualized and curated by Lisa M. Berman, Visionary Proprietor of Sculpture To Wear Gallery, hosts an impressive judging panel of 8:


  1. Averie Bishop (Director of The Tulong Foundation; Law Student; Miss Dallas 2020)
  2. Lisa Englander (Principal, Guest Experience and Retail Division, Racine Art Museum),
  3. Amy V. Grimm (Independent Curator; Professor of Art History)
  4. Jayne Herring (Founder of Art for Dignity; Advocate for Social Justice and the Arts)
  5. Neha Husein (Founder & CEO of Just Drive; Human Rights Entrepreneur)
  6. Berta Montoya (Chief Financial Officer, The US Lifestyle Group LLC),
  7. Dawn Neufeld (Attorney, Activist for Autism, Television Personality)
  8. Isabela Varela (Eco-Fashion Environmentalist & Designer, Film maker)

The 9th seat will be kept empty in honor of RBG.

Honorary Chair for judging Bruce Pepich, Director of the Racine Art Museum

Special thanks to our media sponsor US Lifestyle Group CEO Uriel Saenz.

Exhibition Artists

Marc Cohen

“Notorious” worn by Julia Danielle, filmmaker and performance artist.

Marc Cohen


One of a kind wearable art piece honors the “Collars of Dissent” coined by Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Created especially for the exhibition: “Feel the Frill”, hosted by Sculpture To Wear gallery, the collar features the proprietary “Box Art” of Marc Cohen of NYC, depicting the Dissents by RBG with an emphasis on the ideal of a woman’s right to choose: “The decision whether or not to bear a child is central to a woman’s life, to her well being and dignity. It is a decision she must make for herself. When government controls that decision for her, she’s being treated less than a fully adult human, responsible for her own choices” Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Smaller single 2 ” x 2″ limited edition brooches in frames are also available from the on-line exhibition.

Marc Cohen, Notorious RBG, 2020, Wearable art collar (12″ x 12″ with a 6″ square opening for the neck) presented in a framed box (18″ x 18″) that hangs on the wall. Materials: Multiple Acrylic box frames with photographic images, with signature “Box Art” small figurine, all mounted on leather, magnet fastener. Frame, wood with hand-embroidered pearls in the shape of a contemporary “collar” Photo by artist.

Robert Lee Morris

Robert Lee Morris

The Dissent Lace Necklace

This gold plated brass collar was made for the Donna Karen Spring Show in 1992 is an ideal submission of an RBG Collar of Dissent.

Robert Lee Morris

Future Exhibitions

“The Picasso of Fashion Illustration”

There’s much allure to the masterful illustrative work by ANTONIO LOPEZ and the award winning documentary about his colorful life 1970: Sex, Fashion & Disco by James Crump models it. My roots are in fashion: my family, education and career began in fashion, so it was a natural fit to curate an exhibition about Antonio’s industry changing contributions and the raw awakening he presented for the rest. The show will include: original drawings, signed posters, large lithographs, related works and photographs of his favorite models, subjects and happenings. Expect an array of eclectic fashion, amazing jewelry, ephemera and contemporary surprises.

– A Celebration of Women

  • Women of Wonder
  • Women of Words
  • Women of Steel
  • Women of Wheat
  • Women of Battle
  • Women of Heart
  • Women of Moxie
  • Women of Sound
  • Women of the World – UNITE
  • Women of Cloth

Past Exhibitions

Robert Lee Morris
– The Power of Jewelry

The exhibition will include a 3-part presentation: a retrospective of his 30 years of impressive design, including many museum and private collection pieces rarely seen before (Torpedo Quill, Helix and Zeta collections – from the 70’s and the famous Cannoli belt). The second portion will include one of a kind sculptures (Sails), as well as vintage and contemporary and jewelry works – even a few new creations, made expressly for this exhibition!

Sculpture To Wear at LEICA Gallery – Dec. 1st

Please join us for a special one day event featuring Artistic Jewelry and Wearable ART, represented by Lisa M. Berman‘s Sculpture To Wear Gallery. Enjoy festive libations and tasty treats while you shop for holiday gifts for family, friends or yourself in this gorgeous 4,000 sq. foot gallery – ICONIC photography by Norman Seeff, hosted by Paris Chong, curator Leica Galleryabove the Leica Store Los Angeles.

Sculpture To Wear FUNd-Raiser for the Laguna Art Museum

The Laguna Art Museum is hosting Sculpture To Wear Gallery for an unprecedented 4 day event, featuring wearable art, jewelry and gifts from International designers and artists: Jeanet Metselaar -Holland (invitation image), Yves Amu Klein-France (3D printed jewelry & sculpture), Kelly Berg- U.S. (hand-painted handbags & shoes), Marc Cohen – U.S. Jacqueline Rudavsky & Ondrej Rudavsky – Slovakia (Grammy award winner), Valerie Jo Coulson – U.S., Lynn Latta – U.S. Ceramics, Statements Accessories and more to be confirmed! Sculpture to Wear is donating more than 50% of our profits to the museum! Owner, Lisa M. Berman (aka Babik), a resident of Laguna since 1974 is excited to have a show in the town where she grew up loving ART! Thanks to our Media Sponsors, @The US Lifestyle Group LLC, & Gansevoort Magazine!

Studio Denmark

Lisbeth Nordskov
Lone Buhl Villaume

Jan Mandel

As an emerging contemporary metalsmith in the United States, I have found myself increasingly challenged by those who feel a narrative is essential to the integrity of the work. Although I do believe that influence is important, how it impacts the finished creation, and the resulting artistic statement, need not be paramount or overwhelming to the viewer or wearer. It is important however, that my work stand on its own as decorative body adornment. The resulting creations will hopefully allow one to not only see, but feel the sculpted contours, and their historic references.