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“There’s Tiffany and Cartier and then, there’s SCULPTURE TO WEAR”

– WHERE Magazine

“Adornment can exercise a profound influence on our bodies. It can reflect in our posture and body contour, as well as our movements, effectively causing a transformation in how we feel about ourselves, and how we are perceived by others. My creative statement is one that not only complements the physical body, but also allows for the interaction of the object with the wearer through transformation of the actual piece of adornment. I engage the wearer in the repositioning of various components, which transform the object, creating new designs to suit their need or mood of the moment.”

– Jan Mandel

Visionary Proprietor, Lisa M. Berman, of Sculpture to Wear Gallery Celebrating 22nd Anniversary

– Boundless Media Inc.

On Jan. 16th, 2021 Visionary Proprietor Lisa M. Berman of Sculpture To Wear Gallery will celebrate their 22nd Anniversary. The inaugural exhibition Structural Integrity – Jewelry’s Foundation in Bergamot Station Art Center in Santa Monica not only launched the West Coast iconic gallery but the careers of dozens of important designers of today. Sculpture To Wear, similar to the Algoncqin in NYC was the gathering place to find the most interesting and cutting edge works creating a new genre of art – Wearable ART by international artists. Art Directors and Stylists loved working with the unusual pieces because they made a bold statement and Berman innately understood their vision. From the cutting edge shows which were curated geographically or with a specific theme in mind, the works were shown in a museum quality presentations and caught the eye of collectors and museums alike. Berman has placed jewelry, paintings & photographs in museum collections of the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian, LACMA, the GETTY, MAAD, etc. Her most recent exhibition titled, “Feel the Frill” honored the late Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and received contributions of COLLARS from around the world. The first piece purchased was from the one of the most prominent donors / collectors / museum makers on the West Coast.

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SCULPTURE TO WEAR is honored to be the official West Coast Representative of the Robert Lee Morris Archives

Artiststar Jewelry

Lisa M. Berman of SCULPTURE TO WEAR is honored to be the First Brand Ambassador in the United States on behalf of Artiststar Jewels.

Nov. 3rd –  Dec. 18, 2020 EXTENDED *
People’s Choice Winners Will Be Announced Dec. 10

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Sculpture To Wear Gallery has a 21-year history of curating and hosting poignant, cutting-edge exhibitions by award-winning international artists. In keeping with this tradition, we are seeking edge dwellers, truth-seekers, and history makers to participate in a timely exhibition honoring Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who “changed minds and made change happen”.  The primarily on-line exhibition will feature wearable art collars similar to those worn by the Notorious RBG herself to challenge, “throw down the gauntlet”, evoke opinion, dissent, or non-verbal expression ushering a distinct message, often against the establishment. The honorable Justice Ginsburg’s Jabots “had a language of their own” that transitioned into “Collars of Dissent”, wearing each one with a deliberate “call to action” for Equality and Justice.

Lady Godiva – A Powerful Woman of Dissent

Lisa M. Berman

The first time I laid eyes upon the glorious horse, a sculpture, Lux Maximus, by Daniel Oropeza, I envisioned a photograph that was legendary and timeless with a contemporary twist. Capturing an image of Lady Godiva atop of a award-winning artwork was a bit irreverent, scandalous, and controversial to begin with, and when I started to research the true meaning of the legend, that’s when the ride really began. All too familiar with the tongue-in-cheek Halloween Costume with the long blonde wig and leggy nude who usually, just by default, earns the top prize, I thought there has be more to this cult fiction. Read More…