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The Power of Jewelry

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ROBERT LEE MORRIS The Power of Jewelry
A Retrospective & Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition and Book-signing
Tuesday, October 11th, 2005 from 5-8pm

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ABOUT THE EXHIBITION: The exhibition will include a 3-part presentation: a retrospective of his 30 years of impressive design, including many museum and private collection pieces rarely seen before (Torpedo Quill, Helix and Zeta collections – from the 70’s and the famous Cannoli belt). The second portion will include one of a kind sculptures (Sails), as well as vintage and contemporary and jewelry works – even a few new creations, made expressly for this exhibition! The entire presentation will be complete with the addition of his limited edition jewelry collections: the Classics and the newest icons from the Mandala series. Morris’ distinctive style is one of strong, graceful shapes that call forth the profound emotional responses of ancient artifacts and aboriginal cultures from around the world. Inspired by pieces as varied as bronzed-age spears, early Chinese jade axes and African tribal ironwork, Morris’ imagination transforms the suggestions of these evocative objects into works all his own, superb ornaments that seem to speak to us from another distant time and place.

ABOUT THE BOOK: The Power of Jewelry, combines the artists’ own words with images of his stunning jewelry, simple yet powerful designs that have made a remarkable impression on generations of jewelry lovers. The story of his success is accompanied by extraordinary photographs of his signature pieces and iconic pieces from the 80’s including a snake belt, crosses popularized by Madonna, a vertebrae cuff, knuckle rings and favorite jewelry pieces worn by celebrity fans such as Cher, Oprah and Halle Berry. In his conversational and intimate narrative, Morris describes how his unique blend of tribal and industrial culture came to life in his collections. Morris explains his constant challenge in design – “to create an ethnic mood while keeping an urban chic quality that gives the work more flexibility in fashion and everyday wear.” The forward written by his friend and collaborator, Donna Karan does not view “Robert’s work as jewelry, instead it is art for the body”.